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Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is the cultivation of non-judgmental awareness in which each thought, feeling, and sensation that arises is acknowledged and accepted just as it is. This kind and steady attention is often radically different from the way we tend to function in the world but is key to well-being and quality of life. Mindfulness transforms how we relate to events and experiences, with ourselves, others, and the world around us. It creates a more spacious way of being in the world, that is less reactive and generally happier.

Inviting you to practice together, to take a pause to simply be; to connect with what is present; to explore, with kindness and care, the landscape of the mind and body; to give ourselves the opportunity to settle, relax and rest with greater clarity and ease into stillness.


Cancer Wellness Center has worked with Veronique for many years. Her expertise in reiki and mindfulness has helped many of the participants at the Center reduce their stress and improve their well-being. Through her caring and kind personality, she is able to create a safe space for our participants to share and collectively heal.. Thank you so much for your generosity and time, Veronique!  - Savina Chacheva, Program Director

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