Beyond Knowledge, Wisdom from the Bamboo Forest

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This was my 3rd class with William Rand since Holy Fire Reiki emerged in 2014 and 1st time with Colleen Benelli, Licensed Reiki Master Teacher.  I guess I do not seem to have enough of it! This time however, I was not looking for more knowledge about the program, or more experience for teaching it, but rather its wisdom. And what I received from this trip was beyond expectations.

First the Holy Fire Experiences allowed me to go deeper and deeper into my own journey of healing and understanding, into places I had forgotten, and places I never went before. With classes in the morning, and sport adventures in nature in the afternoon, those experiences, and release that came with them, felt deep, smooth and grounding. They were also quite enlightening!

My connections with nature grew in ways I had never thought would happen, with wonderful feelings of love and renewal. Wherever I went, whether in the inner or outer world, there was always a clear sense of sacredness with the Earth, the world around us, and between us. The energy of the group was amazing.

The Experiences in class carried the colors of the many Rainbows we saw, the various shades of green that surrounded us during our hikes, the deep light blue of the ocean we jumped into, the brightness of the flowers we encountered on the paths, the freshness of the breeze caressing our faces, the liveliness of the waters flowing down from the mountains through many streams and  waterfalls we swam into, the warmth of the sun infusing our body, the magic of the moonlight shining on us, the sunbeams reflecting on the ocean as signs from the heavens.

The Experience we did in the bamboo forest was particularly powerful, bringing a feeling of union with the divine in nature, a profound awareness of Spirit on Earth, with the understanding that we all play our part in manifesting our light, we ALL matter, all kingdoms of life matter and are to be honored as together we create a pathway for Light on Earth. How meaningful and powerful the experience of being a single bamboo n a large forest can be …

Now I am back home, filled with a wonderful renewed energy, greater wellness, awareness and appreciation for who we are as a whole, and for where we are as divine human beings on Earth with the potential to grow further as we engage with life.

Regardless of where we are in our life, regardless of our experiences and expectations, regardless of our path, such retreat in Hana offers everyone a sacred space where one can heal, regenerate, incubate and renew. There is always another level, Reiki is life in its pure and sacred essence, and life is everywhere within and around us, without borders, just keep engaging with it  …

Article published in the Reiki News Magazine, Fall 20116:  Wisdom From The Bamboo Forest

For any question you might have, please feel free to contact me, Veronique at

A special thanks to my friend, classmate & photographer Olga Zverava for the beautiful photos –

Veronique Frede, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer, Moonstone Sanctuary,

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