Holy Fire Reiki: Be The Light!

A new form of Reiki has appeared! It is called Holy Fire Reiki and I am very grateful for being among the pioneers to explore and experience it.

Holy Fire Reiki is emerging at this time to reawaken humanity to the mystical dimension of healing. It brings a new level of awareness. Holy Fire Reiki leads us to deepen our spiritual connection. It accelerates our learning and spiritual growth as we enter a new phase of the divine plan of human/global transformation. This special gift is being offered to all of us who choose to embrace it.

Holy Fire Reiki was received by William Lee Rand, Reiki Master Teacher, and founder of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) in January 2014. Reiki Holy Fire calls for a direct connection with Spirit, Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, God, the One Unity Conscienceless, Christ Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, Source, Oneness, the All That Is from where it emanates. Its ignition affirms our constant connection with the divine, reminding us that we are the light and to shine from wherever we are. This was the message I received very clearly during my initiation last weekend in Michigan. The healing path follows both the natural and mystical laws. Holy Fire Reiki is coming to us now to re-emphasize on the latter.

Holy Fire Reiki is a high vibrational energy that activates, releases, cleanses, purifies, heals and empowers at a very deep level. It clears away old patterns, old beliefs, trauma, childhood issues and generational patterns to name only a few. Some of these experiences were felt and shared during our training. Reiki Holy Fire is freeing. The energy is here to help us go beyond and let go what does not serve us anymore, and heal from those attachments. During our Reiki practice training, many practitioners felt an unusual strong heat in their hands. What was perceived by those receiving the energy was a warm gentle flow through their entire being, like a flame. As we engage with the energy, we realize that when a person is open to include a mystical experience in his or her healing journey, remarkable healings can and often do occur.

This first experience with Holy Fire Reiki was to me enlightening and transcending. It marks the beginning of a journey towards further personal and spiritual growth and discovery. I am looking forward to seeing what will flow and unfold as we engage further with it ….

More information about Holy Fire Reiki will be posted on the website of the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) http://www.reiki.org in April. There will be also articles published in the Summer Issue of the Reiki News Magazine. Holy Fire Reiki classes are being currently taught by William Lee Rand. Please check the ICRT website http://www.reiki.org for details.

Thank you William for sharing this new amazing energy with the world. We are ready!

Veronique Frede, Reiki Master & Crystal Healer, Moonstone Sanctuary,  www.moonstonesanctuary.com

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