Reiki Community Event @ Wilmette Public Library

Introducing the wonders of Reiki to our community at the Wilmette Public Library with 5 other Reiki Masters/Teachers on November 16, 2013. After a short powerpoint presentation and Q&A session, we offered free mini-sessions to the public. As we all know, Reiki is best understood through experience than words.

 About 25 people came, most of them received a session. The energy in the room was truly amazing. One of the Reiki Masters noticed a staff member on her break, seated on a chair in the back of the room, embracing the Reiki energy.

 I highly recommend checking with your public library for organizing such community event. It is free, they each out the local community through their newsletter they are well equipped.

 A BIG THANKS to Wilmette Public Library for their wonderful support! 


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