Reiki for Peace …


I was drawn to create this World Peace Crystal Grid yesterday specifically to send continuous healing to France and to the world at large, to heal what needs to be and bring peace. And this includes ourselves…  a regular self-practice is becoming essential at this time for anyone engaged in supporting the needs of a changing world. Peace comes when we work simultaneously within and without.

If you feel drawn to it, simply send distant Reiki to this grid through the picture by using the distant Reiki symbol with your intention of bringing healing and peace in France and to the world. Together we can make a greater difference….

This World Peace Crystal Grid is connected to other similar ones that were placed around the world by William Rand, founder of the International Center for Reiki Training, ICRT. They are incredibly multidimensional: as we use and send Reiki to those grids we help bring peace and healing both at the personal and global level ….

I encourage those who are interested to learn and use those grids. For more information about the World Peace Grids and the Global Peace & Healing Project please visit

Thank you.

Veronique Frede, RMT, CCH @

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