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Reiki, Kotodama and the Sacred Song of Life

I was introduced to the concept of Kotod


A new world had suddenly opened in front of me with Reiki and sound healing ….

The Kotodama, also written as Kototama, refers to sacred spiritual sounds, the sounds of the universe, of creation, also called “pure sounds”, that can create high vibration frequencies capable of shifting our levels of consciousness and influence our reality, including our health, by bringing new levels of awareness and spiritual transformation.


In other words,the concept of Kotodama implies that sounds possess a mystical power that can magically affect objects, and that the use of ritual word can influence our environment, body, mind and spirit.

The use of sound as a tool for healing and transformation is not new. Most ancient cultures used the magical powers of sound, from mantras in ancient India, to Greek healing temples in which music played a prominent part, to indigenous shamanic work set to the best of a drum, to the Aboriginal people’s use of the yidaki. In fact, the ancients considered the knowledge of sound as a highly refined science. Many spiritual teachers speak of sound as the primal organizer of the universe…

Sound and life seem intricately linked …

Of all the instruments available on the planet, the most powerful one is the human voice …. This is especially true when the voice is used for healing, as it is the easiest vessel through which intention can be focused and channeled … intention powered by the energy of sound is the key to accelerate the healing process and bring improvements into our life.

There are a lot of questions about whether Mikao Usui applied the principle of Kotodama or not in his system of Reiki, or whether the Reiki symbols came first or after their sound. To me they  feel so natural, so vibrant, so real and they fit so well with life and the practice of Reiki, that I do not need to question or know through facts, I just enjoy resonating with them the way they come to me.

As Laurelle Shanti Gaia said: “The wave of Reiki energy can blend with sound waves enabling Reiki to travel to the recipient at the speed of sound bringing faster and deeper healing experiences” (Reiki News Magazine 2014)

Chanting the Reiki symbols (mantras) allows the practitioner to invoke the spirit within the names of each of the sacred symbols. It also activates and sustains the particular vibration/frequency of the symbol.

I highly encourage to experience chanting with Reiki. Chanting can enhance the Reiki experience, whether in a session or in our own personal practice. Chanting is a wonderful and powerful mode of self expression. It is clearing, freeing, uplifting, balancing, grounding and empowering, different from singing.

When combined with Reiki, chanting produces unique harmonics instrumental in the creation of the Song of  Life …

When we start tapping  deeply into the sound, into the spirit of the sound, we then realize that it is not just us who are chanting, but also the entire Universe …

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