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Reiki Symbols, Sacred Journey Through Calligraphy

Updated: May 16, 2021

A calligraphy is an artistic form of handwriting. In East Asia it has always been seen as the queen of all arts, surpassing the term of “handwriting” used in the West since calligraphy also includes writing consciously with the flowing power of the life force energy (ki) which produces long-lasting effects.  (Mark Hosak and Walter Lubeck, The Big Book of Reiki Symbols).

While exploring and researching this, I found two wonderful articles that helped me understand how sacred the act of drawing kanjis is, and also how healing this can be when our body-mind-heart-soul-spirit are all engaged and aligned at the same time in doing it …

According to Lemy in the article “The Healing Power of the Scarred Art of Calligraphy”, “For many practitioners, calligraphy is an advanced spiritual practice requiring deep concentration, balanced emotions, and a deep connection with Heaven to ensure that the most beautiful message and energy will flow through the characters”.

“Thus, in its highest expression, calligraphy produces so much more than pretty pictures for the wall. It is an ancient practice that can be applied in other areas of modern life, such as healing. The more aligned is the writer in soul, heart, mind, and body, and the higher the frequency of the writer, the higher the frequency of the technique and the more powerful the healing reflected in the stroke… ” (Lemy)

The website “Beyond Calligraphy” is dedicated to reveal and share secrets of the vast world of calligraphy. I love it. These are some highlights from their website that touched me:

“The Art of Far Eastern (mainly Chinese and Japanese) calligraphy is a universe on its own, sewed with passion, soaked in love, painted in stunning beauty, sparked by raw emotions, and secluded under a translucent veil of ancient mystery. We find it as fascinating as the miracle of life itself.”

“The art of writing Chinese characters is often misunderstood for many reasons. One is that not many people realize that in calligraphy, kanji (漢字, i.e. Chinese characters) are to be felt long before they are being read. Another is that the word “calligraphy” in western understanding means nothing more than a craft of writing in a beautiful manner, whereas here in the East its meaning goes far beyond …. ”

“Calligraphy in Japanese is read: shodo (書道i.e. a way of writing), when in Chinese it is shufa (書法, i.e. method of writing). The word shodo, or “sho” consists of two characters; 書 (to write) and 道 (a path), thus it would suggest that calligraphy is a way of being through writing, a path that one chooses not as an art or endeavor, but a sense of being. Sho matures with us, becoming fuller, and “The deeply spiritual and philosophical nature of Far Eastern calligraphy may appear troublesome to interpret, and therefore to relate to. In The Far East, we feel and inhale calligraphy with our senses rather than strive to comprehend it. ”

“For us, in The Far East, calligraphy is an eternal journey inside the human soul, a warp gate into a realm of fantasies, and colorful dreams to which we fly on wings of heart imagery as if it was a mighty mythical dragon. It is a phenomenal explosion of emotion unleashing immense waves of energy by means of subconscious brush strokes, arranging simple ink lines on infinite seas of white paper, changing nothingness into raw magic.”

“It is an abstract “painting”, a spiritual message, a symbolic poetry, and emotional “design” or vision of an artist that cannot be ever reproduced, retouched, or copied. It is alive yet immortal, real yet untouchable, profound yet complex, laconic yet abyssal.”

“Calligraphy is also a medicine for our soul. Both admiring and writing shodo are activities proven to be not only forms of meditation but also the most effective ways of prolonging life. History proves that many ancient master calligraphers lived into their 80’s, or longer.”

“Surrounding yourself with calligraphy, you create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, an enclave free of worries, sheltered from the modern rush, where through aesthetical appreciation you are given a chance to enter an imaginative dimension of peace and tranquility soaked in dreams and passion of the universe itself.”

“May the mysterious world of calligraphy inspire you and enrich every day of your life, making it more colorful and meaningful by bringing harmony or awakening aesthetically stimulation, whichever whispers to your soul …. ”

For the Reiki symbols, writing them with a quality of ki is clearly significant. The more we succeed in writing the symbols with ki, the greater their effect will be in the application on one hand; on the other, this also promotes our personal, subtle, and spiritual development. (Mark Hosak and Walter Lubeck, The Big Book of Reiki Symbols)

May your journey and experiences with the Reiki symbols lead you to find the keys that will help you unlock the doors of a free flow, one stroke at a time, to reach new levels of awareness with the healing, wisdom, peace, harmony, and the many more wonders that come with it … enjoy the process of drawing the symbols and your journey.

You may click on the photo to watch the video of Sho-Do (Calligraphy)  Master Noriko Matsuzawa writing the Reiki Gokai (the 5 Reiki precepts). Enjoy!

Veronique Frede, Moonstone Sanctuary,


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