The Reiki Share Project: A Unique Organization

The Reiki Share Project is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to offer introductory Reiki training to individuals and caregivers dealing with day-to-day challenges of serious illnesses, disabilities and trauma. The Reiki Share Project also offers classes to healthcare professionals with continuing education hours available to RN’s.

Jane Van De Velde, DNP, RN and RMT, founded The Reiki Share Project in 2008 with the vision to empower individuals to participate in their own healing process. Since then she has conducted over 900 Reiki sessions for clients with cancer, primarily in a local cancer wellness center.

Thanks to amazing professionalism and dedication, Reiki has expanded further into a several local health care organizations such as Elmhurst Memorial Hospital, the Wellness House in Hillside and the Wellness Place in Palatine.

As a non-profit organization, The Reiki Share Project raises awareness and funds through public speaking engagements and presentations. It is an honor to have Jane Van De Velde joining us on March 2nd in Wilmette to share with us her story. It is also for me an honor to join her to share my own story with a young cancer client that was published in the 2013 winter issue of Reiki News Magazine.

For more information about the organization please visit their website

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