A 6-hour in-person crystal healing certification class for practitioners. Please contact us about our class schedule before purchasing this class.


In this workshop you will learn the art of laying the stones (crystals and gemstones) ) in resonance with the body’s energy fields as well as the one of the earth.


Topics include:

  • What crystal healing is
  • Crystals, Aura and Chakras
  • Crystals and stones commonly used for healing purposes
  • Choosing crystals
  • Cleansing and caring for your crystals
  • Attuning to and programming crystals
  • Various uses of crystals and gemstones including space clearing
  • Performing crystal healing treatments with body layouts
  • Chakra balancing practice with crystals
  • Use of pendulums and crystal wands
  • Combining crystal healing with Reiki
  • Creating crystal grids to support continuous healing and intentional work
  • Performing crystal healing professionally


Crystal Healing Course Information

This stand-alone workshop is designed for those having some or no knowledge of crystal healing as well as for those wishing to become more proficient practitioners. It combines lecture, discussion, demonstration and practice.

Crystal Healing Practitioner Training