This 2-hour training will help you create your own crystal grid to support your goals/intention in life. This training can be offered online or in person. Please read below and contact us. 


Do you wish to improve your creativity? Boost your healing process? Increase vitality? Strength? Groundedness? Gain clarity of thought? Create joy? Develop compassion? Abundance? Peace? Deepen your relationships?


A crystal grid is a way to arrange and link energetically charged crystals and/or gemstones in a geometric pattern to create an energy field. It is a process and ancient art that can support you in transforming your life. 


Crystal grids are created to support any intentional healing work or desired goal (work, personal project, relationships, etc.), in the past, present, or future, or on a continuous basis. They can be used to complement a healing session by maintaining its workings continuously over a certain period of time.


A grid can be used to empower our intentions toward simple goals such as enhancing self-esteem, building trust, bringing peace and harmony whether in a place or an event, maintaining joy through a special time, bringing success in a new venture, unblocking a situation, bringing love into a relationship, protecting against an unhealthy relationship or situation, soothing during a period of loss or grief, bringing focus and/or creativity during a period of study or exams, sustaining healing after/through therapy, etc., or for something more elaborate such as world healing. There are many combinations that crucially depend on one's intention for the grid. Some intentions may relate to:


- Prosperity & Abundance

- Clarity

- Vitality

- Protection and Shielding

- Love and Relationships

- World Peace

- Creativity and Goal Manifestation

- Chakra Balancing

- Serenity & Harmony

- Spiritual Growth

- Grief, Loss, Disconnect

- Distance Healing


This training is offered on Zoom and supported by visuals. 

Crystal Grids 101