One-hour customized private teaching or student mentoring. This is a nice way to strengthen, refresh, and stimulate your personal and professional Reiki practice. 


Topics may include:

- Cultivate happiness, health, and compassion in your life with Reiki

- Establishing a life-long personal Reiki practice 

- Class review

- Communicating about Reiki in the mainstream

- Reiki treatments

- Reiki meditations (visualization, mantra, breath, hands-on)

- Reiki in healthcare

- Developing a professional Reiki practice

- How to teach Reiki

- Exploration of the Japanese energetic system 

- Practice of the Japanese Reiki techniques (JTR)


- and whatever else you wish to cover on your path


Please first contact Veronique to check availability and plan your session. 

Reiki Private Teaching