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Usui Reiki Ryoho

This is the beginning of your journey of healing and self-discovery through the practice of meditation, reflection with the Precepts, hands-on healing for yourself and others as well as other Reiki techniques.  Please check our page "What is Reiki?".

No prerequisite - 2-day class - 8 to 10 hours - $220 new students - $120 re-sitters

In this class you will learn:

- The history of Reiki, its origins and evolution 

- What Reiki is and how to practice

- The 5 foundational elements of the system of Reiki

- How the Japanese energy system works

- How to perform hands on healing for yourself and others 

- Breathing meditations to center, strengthen the body-mind connection and clear your energy  

- The 5 precepts to live a balanced and meaningful life

Follow-up class/practice is offered to students as needed. Ongoing mentoring.


Usui Reiki Ryoho

In this class, students consolidate the foundational principles of the system of Reiki, internalize additional tools and techniques to go deeper and practice Reiki remotely, beyond time and space.


Reiki I Shoden is required for this class - 2-day class - 8 to 10 hours - $220 new students - $120 re-sitters

In this class you will learn:

- Meditation Hatsurei Ho 

- 3 Reiki symbols and mantras

- Distant healing method Enkaku Chiryo Ho 

- Byosen Reikan Ho, a scanning method to sense imbalances

- Reiju Ho, a method to work more intuitively

- Explore the practice of Reiki professionally

Follow-up class/practice is offered to students as needed. Ongoing mentoring.


Usui Reiki Ryoho

This class leads students to step into their own self-mastery. Reiki III is a powerful training that empowers and guides students to embody their inner-light to "be Reki" in the world. Completion of this class also allows students to teach Reiki to others if they choose to do so.

A minimum of 6 months practice after Reiki II Okuden is recommended to take this class - 2-day class - 8 to 10 hours - $380

In this class you will learn:

- The meaning, usage and spiritual description of the fourth symbol and mantra.

- How to perform the initiations

- Receive individual guidance on your spiritual journey

Follow-up/practice class is offered to students as needed. Ongoing mentoring.


This introductory program is designed to allow participants to explore, experience and learn basic healing principles, tools and techniques according to their needs and interests. Examples:

Reiki for Self-Care

Reiki for Healthcare

Reiki for the Special Needs Parent/Caregiver 

Reiki Magic for Children and Teens

The Japanese Art of Reiki, introduction to the traditional practice of Reiki

This program is individualized and can be taken as an introduction to the Usui Reiki Ryoho Level I certificate training. This is a 2 to 4-hour introduction. Price varies based on length and content .


Crystal Healing Practitioner - 5-hour class - $150

Crystal Healing Basics - 2-hour class - $80

Crystal Grids to Empower our Intention- 2-hour class $80



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