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A journey of self-discovery, transformation and personal growth toward wholeness ...

Healing means bringing mind, body, energy, and environment back into harmony by restoring the body's natural rhythm and equilibrium. It is different from conventional medicine whose focus is on supporting the primary needs of the physical body by addressing symptoms and illness, by looking at what can be fixed, replaced, removed, or repaired. 

Healing is a process that leads us on a journey within ourselves in relationship with the world around us. The healing path is all-encompassing. Healing follows natural and mystical laws. It is balancing and holistic. It seeks to create "wholeness" by aligning and harmonizing our entire being, body-mind-energy with the body-mind-energy of the universe. It is dynamic. It calls for our participation and commitment toward ourselves and others. It is freeing and empowering. It brings insight that has the power to free ourselves from our own limitations, conditioning, and suffering. It is expansive and has the capacity to heal the wounds of the past. It is transformative. It changes the way we perceive our life. Healing is an act of our soul that leads us to uncover our authentic nature, who we truly are, to create, reinvent and restructure our lives to be more conducive to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance, to be more present, authentic, kinder, and compassionate, and live a more conscious and meaningful life for the benefits of all.


Combining conventional medicine with healing practices is the optimum choice, as it offers a total approach to care that supports an individual's health, wellness, and growth.


On the healing path, Reiki is an healing art and way of life involving self-discovery, relaxation, balance, and care. Reiki helps us to reconnect with our body, mind, and heart to clear, nurture, and re-align ourselves to who we truly are. Reiki helps us heal and grow, personally and spiritually. 


The system of Reiki is fundamentally a self-practice with the understanding that as you regularly practice on yourself wonders will happen, not just within you, but also around you. Practicing Reiki leads to experiencing life at its fullest. 


"Real healing is about wholeness ... it is a state of mind/heart in which we have found inner peace, a state of mind/heart which is filled with compassion and insight." - Frans Stiene, Reiki Teacher and Co-Founder of the International House of Reiki.  


Come experience and learn Reiki for yourself, your family, and the world around you. As you heal yourself, you also heal the world around you, gradually becoming an agent of change. 


Restoring Wholeness

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