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Yoga at Home

Reiki Group Sessions

Reiki Group Sessions

1 hour - in-person or Zoom

All welcome - $20

Join us to receive whatever you might need at this current time

Group intention

Self -healing

Healing for others


Reiki is a Japanese healing art developed in Japan in the 1920s by Usui Mikao. The original name was “shin shin kaizen "Usui Reiki Ryoho” which can be translated as the "Usui healing method for the improvement of body and mind". The system of Reiki offers a set of gentle, yet powerful spiritual healing practices that promote a sense of care, presence, equanimity, and wellbeing for us and for others, by bringing us back into our natural state of wholeness. The system of Reiki includes 5 main elements: breath meditation, the precepts, symbols and mantras, hands-on healing, and the Reiju or blessings.


The practice of Reiki brings balance and harmony to body, mind, and energy. It strengthens the body-mind connection. This allows us to deeply relax, to center ourselves, be more present, gain mental clarity and stability, refresh, find balance and inner peace, and deepen our connection within ourselves and with the world around us. The practice of Reiki reestablishes the body’s natural rhythm and equilibrium allowing healing to happen. 


The session offers a space where participants gather to practice on themselves and receive whatever they might need at that time to heal, both for themselves and for others. Everyone is welcome, there is no prerequisite. During this one-hour session, participants will be guided to deeply relax through gentle breathing exercises, meditation, hands-on healing, working with the Japanese energy system of Heaven and Earth, exploring the Reiki precepts as life-guiding principles as well as receiving healing from the teacher.


Distance healing is not strictly about distance but rather about becoming more deeply aware that we are all already energetically inter-connected through the web of life. Reiki distant healing works very much like an in-person session, except that physical presence is energetic.



Choose a calm and comfortable space in your home, one where you will feel safe and not be disturbed.

We recommend you download the Zoom app on your laptop, desktop, or phone.

Please test your audio/video in advance.

You can practice seated on a chair or on the floor in seiza or lotus position.

You may wish to place a glass of water or some warm green tea nearby to drink at the end of the session.

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