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Student group practice, online or in-person, with minimum 4 participants. 


The intention of this group practice is to simply gather as a community, to experience, develop skills, heal, deepen our awareness and understanding of Reiki, ask questions, share our presence with others, and strengthen our connection. We will engage in some of the elements of the system of Reiki and depending on who attends, we will cover elements of Rei I and II. If you are interested in exploring certain aspects of the practice or certain topics, please feel free to email me and let me know. This time is yours. 


This session may include:

- meditation 

- techniques

- chanting

- Reiki precepts

- hands-on-healing

- reiju



Make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable place at the time of the practice.

We recommend you download the Zoom app on your laptop, desktop, or phone.

Please test your audio/video in advance.

You can practice seated on a chair or on the floor in seiza or lotus position.

Plan for an hour session.

Have some water available to drink.


For any questions, any wish, please contact Veronique at

Reiki Group Student Practice

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