A 10-week in-depth exploration of the foundation of the traditional Usui system of Reiki I Zoom I All Welcome


Hosted by the Japanese Culture Center in Chicago

Facilitated by Veronique Frede, Reiki Teacher

Registration: HERE

$300 individual class - $200 group class


Are you interested in exploring the Usui system of Reiki in its traditional Japanese form? Are you keen on consolidating your current practice? Do you wish to learn how to cultivate balance and harmony in your life? Are you drawn to live more fully and mindfully, with greater presence, ease, compassion, and wellbeing?


This 10-week online program invites participants to explore and practice the Japanese healing art of Reiki “Usui Reiki Ryoho”. It will enable them to learn the foundational elements of the practice, engage actively in their own journey of healing and personal growth, and develop a solid foundation for a life-long personal practice benefiting all. The focus ofwill be on self-practice but we will also cover the practice with others.


This program includes live lectures, visuals, self-practice, interactive discussions, personal reading and reflections, and ongoing support from the teacher. Those who will certify will gain access to the International House of Reiki Ki Campus community. This class is suitable for those individuals interested in living life more mindfully through personal practice, as well as for those wishing to solidify a professional practice.


Certification: Participants will be able to earn a Reiki Level I / Shoden certificate and receive a training manual by attending all of the 10 weeks online sessions live and also after completing an additional 4-hour in-person practice in the Chicago area, indoor or outdoor, depending on COVID19 situation/requirements. Your attendance is important to certify. This program is offered live; there will be no recording.


Prerequisites: All are welcome with a limited number of 10 participants. A copy of the book "The Japanese Art of Reiki, A Practical Guide to Self-Healing”, by Bronwen and Frans Stiene, is required. It is available in different formats on Amazon.


Topics explored will include:

- The Japanese Roots of Reiki and its History through today

- What is Reiki?

- The Japanese Energetic System and what healing means

- The elements of the “Usui Reiki Ryoho” 

- Reiki Precepts (gokai) 

- Kokyu-Ho, breathing techniques

- Learn how to meditate

- Hands-on-healing for self

- Hands-on-healing for others

- Reiju

- Reiki as a Way of Living Life in Balance and Harmony


For any question, please contact the teacher, Veronique at moonstonesanctuary@gmail.com

Reiki Japanese Healing Art - a comprehensive Reiki I Shoden program